September 11, 2023
Over the course of his illustrious career, Samuel Oshana has forged valuable associations with some of the most esteemed brokerage firms in the industry, including renowned names such as Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. These affiliations have served as invaluable crucibles for his education on the intrinsic worth of investments and the art of optimizing returns. His endeavors have not only been prosperous for himself but have also translated into financial gains for many others.

As Samuel Oshana's investment journey continues, he extends his reach far beyond the conventional realm of brokerage investments. In the present day, he extends capital to both individuals and small businesses, securing these loans against their real estate assets. This strategic diversification has propelled his business and allowed for an expanded array of investment opportunities for his clients. Recent developments include the acquisition of a Florida real estate brokerage license, which has empowered him to broaden his investment horizons in the realms of residential and commercial real estate within the vibrant landscapes of Florida. Particularly, within Dade and Broward Counties, Sam Oshana has excelled by identifying and acquiring abandoned properties in burgeoning neighborhoods, adeptly restoring them, and subsequently selling them for substantial profits.